Cells that fire together, wire together… Life flows in cycles, never quite the same path, yet following the current. It’s December, the heart of darkness, and the city is muted by snow. My belly growing, body heavy with pregnancy, struggling


My belly is swelling. (Along with other things). I wanted another child. ETA 6 months, now.  I feel physically awful, yet excited. Grateful. Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. That always brings on reminiscence. I think what I can most consistently

Work and Play

Hilmir started preschool. Or playschool, as the direct translation of the Icelandic word would be. He’s cautious, but fearless, like a mountain climber moving without a safety line. He goes wherever he wants, but he does so carefully. The realities of


Family time in Norway, progress at powerlifting, and change. That’s pretty much how I would sum up my summer. The tall ships races in Bergen stand out. As does the gorgeous weather, wonderful time with family, and watching Hilmir explore the


Coffee. Oreo cheesecake ice cream. Kleinas dipped in chocolate. Running by the sea. Watching Hilmir learn to jump, screeching with excitement. New friends. Bright colours. Love. I take my happiness where I find it. These days, it is all around


There’s a trick I never learned. Balance. My sides don’t match, you see. I’m drawn to interesting people. We all have different sides, forming the whole that is our full personality. Most people share only selected sides with specific groups

Sleep is for the weak

The first issue of Mathom House, ‘Humans’, launches today! GO! GO! It costs only as much as you’re willing to pay (and if you’re not willing to pay, go and read one of the freebies!). Creative Commons licence (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives) is

Mathom House

Mathom House is live! The release of the webzine’s first issue is May 7. Their twitter account is live @mathomzine and the website is up. I am very excited. I love (and am shamelessly showing off) the cover for the